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This option gives you the facility to download the full list of test/products in Excell format.


1 WISC-IVUK General Ability Index (GAI)

The GAI Index is now available. It provides you with a summary score that is less sensitive to the influence of working memory and processing speed and is therefore useful for use with children who have neuropsychological issues such as learning disorders and ADHD. In addition the GAI can be compared to the FSIQ to assess the effects of working memory and processing speed on the expression of cognitive ability.


For ease of use you may download the ASSESSMENT INSRUMENTS list in Excell. (this will save you from having to log-on onto the internet every time you wish to order a new test).

The first list is a condensed list which has the basic test names and usage.

The second list is more comprehensive and will help you to evaluate the test you wish to purchase.

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a regular basis for any new product or specials)