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Organization Development

The challenge for organizations is to create company-wide capacity by mobilising its people to achieve strategic purpose. Acquiring the right people is not enough; we should build high-performance, people-centered organizations in which ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Strategic purpose is defined here as an unambiguous expression of what people jointly would wish to become. 

Any process that we conduct will be deeply imbedded in the systems paradigm. We facilitate a process that aims to tap the full potential of the organizationís workforce, thus energising the workforce to achieve the strategic intent of the organization in the current environment.

We focus on building a learning environment within the organization based on cutting edge knowledge in the area of managing people and organization development. We are committed to share skills and knowledge with the organization.

We have extensive experience in the international arena. We will work where you need us.


How do we work with our clients?

  • Our process is flexible to meet client needs, but we also have clear views on what is ethical and professional.

  • As soon as a client has identified a need, we will enter into negotiation with the client on the most appropriate process to be utilised.

  • Should it be required, we will conduct a needs assessment

  • We have a wide range of organizational and individual assessment tools available. The most appropriate process will be selected to meet your organizational needs and goals.

  • A contract will be entered into that will clarify deliverables, actions, timelines and costs.

  • We execute the project.

  • We give feedback for action to the organization.

  • Should it be required we will conduct follow up procedures as part of executing the contract.

  • We require that our clients will give us feedback on the quality of our service as the project evolves.


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