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The future is not about logic and reason. 
It’s about imagination, hope and belief.
— Dee Hock, 19

InnovAct would welcome the opportunity to conduct skills, attitude, or climate surveys for your organization. We are experts in Organizational Diagnosis and you can be assured that based on the feedback you receive from us you will be able to conduct the most appropriate interventions that could mobilise your people to achieve strategic success for the business. You can obtain information related to organizational and individual resilience, human resource practices, company policy, perception of management (leadership according to us) and culture. 

What we can offer…

Never confuse activity with productivity.
It’s what comes out the other end of the pipe
that’s important, not what you push into it.
— Dee Hock, 1999

Organizational surveys imply a major investment in cost and time for the organization. Our process is therefore designed to optimize the strategic benefits that an organization can derive from such an exercise. InnovAct works from a systems thinking paradigm, applying the principles of action learning to achieve organizational purpose for our clients. We strive to share knowledge in ways that can transform organizations. 

Our preference is to work with individual organizations to assure that we cover the areas that are of particular importance to the specific organization. Our measures are based on sound research, state of the art knowledge and practice. We conduct rigorous statistical analyses to assure that our clients receive valid and reliable information for their specific needs. 

The feedback that we give is company specific and aims to be practical and realistic. Depending on the needs of the organization, we can offer the option of comparing specific areas of operation or divisions within the organization. Furthermore, we will distinguish between perceptions and experiences of different cultural groups, genders, age groups, and levels within the organization. Depending on the organizational structure and the sample size, it may be possible to further distinguish between variables that may be useful for the company to explore. Our reports are extremely detailed and tailor-made to deliver feedback to the organization. As part of our feedback, we give guidelines for training and development in order to achieve organizational purpose. We consider the implications of our findings from a strategic perspective for your organization. Over and above the written feedback, we will conduct a one-day feedback session with senior management to explore the implications of our findings for organizational action. We prefer to be associated with in-depth quality reports based on personal attention to our clients and their strategic needs.

Depending on the amount of time available for completing our measures we can measure aspects such as the following:

  1. Strategic business focus

  2. Organizational flexibility vs. control.

  3. Levels of organizational support.

  4. Respect for rules

  5. Organizational citizenship behaviours

  6. Job satisfaction

  7. Procedural justice

  8. Fairness

  9. Organizational leadership

  10. Resilience

  11. And much more… we have the skills to source or develop what you need.

And how is it done?

A variety of approaches are available:

  1. Quantitative Process: We can conduct a quantitative measurement process assessing attitudes related to organizational climate and leadership, which will imply administration of a questionnaire either in paper or in electronic format.

  2. Qualitative Process: We can combine quantitative surveys with a qualitative process using interviews and focus groups. Depending on your needs we target a cross-section of senior managers, employees and customers. 

  3. Gap analysis comparing the ideal situation with the current situation in your organization. Such a procedure gives feedback to the company on how employees perceive the organizational future and what interventions will be required to mobilize employees to achieve strategic goals of the company.

  4. We prefer to use a rigorous process of data collection on both a quantitative and a qualitative level. Like de Bono (1994), we make the distinction between ‘rock logic’ that is concerned with judgement and identification, compared to ‘water logic’ that tends to consider relativity and what happens next. 

What is our guarantee?

A precondition for implementation for the success of our recommendation requires systematic implementation of all our recommendations. As we respect an organization’s privilege to make their own decisions, we would not be able to link the outcomes of our recommendations to our fee structure, but we are confident in stating that your company will certainly receive a return on investment should the company take action based on our recommendations.

How much will it cost?

Costing of such a process will be based on the number of hours invested to conduct the survey including interviews and focus groups with stakeholders, and the levels of input required. This option is therefore to be negotiated in direct interaction with the company. Please be assured that the process we offer will be designed to be effective, both in terms of design and cost. We set the highest standards with a view to add value to your organization.