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About Us




  • Suppliers of Psychological Assessment Tools  
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Occupational Assessment
  • Climate and Culture Surveys
  • Standardizing psychological instruments for use in the South African context.
  • Developing company specific norms for psychological assessment.
  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Organizational Change and Development
  • Development of tailor-made interventions to meet organizational needs.
  • Distributing knowledge on assessment processes, ethics and appropriate action.

Range of assessment batteries

Our range of products includes personality, motivational, cognitive, occupational, educational, therapeutic and learning potential assessment instruments. We endeavour to standardise measures for use in the South African context. In most cases we find that the quality of instrumentation that is available meets all the requirements for use in South Africa. In addition to the instruments of our current supplier, we are able to source instruments form other suppliers elswhere.

Competency Based Assessments

We are able to develop competency profiles for Board levels, executive levels, management level and for the lower echelons of the organization. This would include 360 degree performance assessments. 

Validation studies

We strongly believe that instruments should be validated for the context in which it is to be utilized. We are competent in conducting such procedures. Of course sample sizes need to be adequate to facilitate statistical analysis.

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  • Our process is flexible to meet client needs, but we also have clear views on what is ethical and professional.
  • As soon as a need has been identified by a client, we will enter into negotiation with the client on the most appropriate process to be utilised.
  • Should it be required, we will conduct a needs assessment
  • A contract will be entered into that will clarify deliverables, actions, timelines and costs.
  • We execute the project.
  • We give feedback for action to the organization.
  • Should it be required we will conduct follow up procedures as part of executing the contract.
  • We require that our clients will give us feedback on the quality of our service as the project evolves.

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Areas of specialisation

We are highly skilled in identifying and sourcing appropriate measuring tools and even in developing those. You can rely on us to identify the most cost effective assessment process that will deliver the required results for your organization.  Our profile makes it possible for us to use any psychological instrument, be it projective techniques, individual cognitive and other assessments or paper and pencil tests. We are skilled in conducting focus groups, nominal groups, qualitative processes and we do not compromise on quality of work. 

In addition to psychological assessment, we also conduct climate and other organizational surveys using standardised and validated measures appropriate to the situation. We have the technologies available to conduct organizational diagnostic processes, organizational research and customer research. Given large enough sample sizes, we will develop norms for your particular organizational context. Our skills as organizational consultants, psychologists and researchers will give you information on your organization that is in the forefront of knowledge in the field of management science. Our feedback will be practical and useful. Not only do we give clear guidelines for action based our findings, but we also facilitate the process of implementing our findings to achieve your organization's strategic intent.

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We create action effective capacity for leading organizations. 

We work from a systems thinking paradigm, applying the principles of action learning to achieve organizational purpose for our clients. We enjoy partnering with you (our client), and possibly with other suppliers, in offering integrated interventions that is tailor-made to meet your strategic goals and competencies. We believe that any intervention should become part of the fabric of your organization, thus achieving results for your company. We structure interventions in such a way that each building block of the process should become a step in the right direction for you.

Like de Bono (1994), we make the distinction between 'rock logic' that is concerned with judgement and identification, compared to 'water logic' that tends to consider relativity and what happens next. We consider any intervention to be a process that would create attention-directing frameworks within which managers can work to achieve the aspirations of the company. 

In everything we do we try to establish a tight coupling between thought and action, and between organizational context and scientific objectivity. We set the highest standards with a view to add value to your organization. We believe in integrity in dealing with our clients. If we cannot do it, we will say it. What you see is what you get.

Fee structure

Fees are negotiated with clients depending on the depth and scope of the project. We are also guided by the recommended fee structures for psychologists, and the amount of time required for conducting a process. We are committed to adding value to your organization.

Contact us for a quotation at ritak@iafrica.com

Geographic areas of operation

Innovact  provides services to clients in locations locally and internationally.

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InnovAct is a young dynamic assessment company, established towards the end of 2002. Since then InnovAct has built a reputation of providing a high quality service to its clients in both the private and public sector throughout the country. As a network organization, we have the competitive advantage of being able to be flexible in order to adapt to changing market conditions. We cater for individual customers' needs. Rather than building huge infrastructure at the cost of our customers, we prefer to be nimble and able to deliver service where it is needed by whom it is needed.

During the first year of trading as InnovAct we focussed on acting as distributor of Psychological Corporation's tests in South Africa. InnovAct has extensive experience of providing cost-effective assessment and dedicated service to organizations, not only within InnovAct, but also in other business contexts. Within a very short time we established a data base consisting of almost all psychologists in South Africa who can work with us in sub-contracting relationships. We pride ourselves as being a preferred supplier of psychological assessment instruments in spite of being quite new in the market.

We have the statistical knowledge and psychological experience to develop reliable, tailor-made, company-specific products for your company, in addition to using already existing instruments that have been standardised for use in South Africa. We can conduct individual, team and group assessments. Furthermore, we have experience of conducting large scale projects for corporate clients. We can also deliver services both in South Africa and in the international domain. We also have the skills to conduct assessments using electronic platforms and data bases.

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Rita Kellerman

Rita Kellerman is an organisational consultant, a former senior lecturer in Industrial/Organisational Psychology at U.C.T., and former professor of Human Resource Management at the RAU. She was Academic Director of the RSM Master's Degree in HR Leadership at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus Graduate School of Business, Netherlands. 

She holds an M.A. from the University of Pretoria and a D.Phil. from the University of Port Elizabeth. She is registered as both an industrial and a counselling psychologist. She is co-editor of European Management Revue, a scholarly Journal in the field of Management. She has travelled widely, and developed networks in the global arena. She taught as visiting lecturer at the Institute of Business Studies in Moscow, the University of Ben Gurion, Israel and was a visiting researcher at the University of Oregon, USA. 

Rita is particularly skilled in the development and implementation of Management Development programmes both in business and in a university context. Some of her clients were: Janssen Cilag, SA Breweries (Alrode), Telkom, Italtile, Transnet, Metrorail, Shell, Engen, Caltex, the Minister of Finance in South Africa, Standard Bank, Women's Value (Naspers) and Nedbank. She to conducted workshops for the United Nations World Food Program, TPG (the holding company for TNT- International) and for Shell International in the Hague in the Netherlands. Rita specialises in assessment and management development with special emphasis on leadership, organisational development, strategic process, and customer satisfaction interventions.


Nelva is an industrial psychologist who obtained her Masters Degree (cum laude) at Rand Afrikaans University (presently the University of Johannesburg, Auckland Park Kingsway Campus). The theme of her mini-dissertation was the impact of leadership styles on organisational commitment, job satisfaction and engagement.
She is experienced in conducting Data collection, interpretation and compilation of user friendly reports.
She is familiar with extrating payroll information from SAP-payroll and calculating cost to company and impact on take-home pay.
She is highly experienced in the utilization of psychological assessment instruments, both for selection and diagnostic purposes. She regularly advises psychologists on the most appropriate tools for assessment.

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