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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
Achievement Measures

Academic Intervention Monitoring System (AIMS)
Edward Shapiro, James C DiPerna and Stephen N Elliott, 2001

Implement and monitor specific 
intervention goals

Age Range: 
4 to 20 years

Individual - 10 to 15 minutes

Academic Intervention Monitoring System (AIMS), together with the Academic Competence Evaluation Scales (ACES), were developed to provide a quick, integrated system to explore students' needs and a uniform way to monitor intervention effectiveness. Having assessed the situation using ACES, AIMS can be used by school- and college-professionals to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, thus targeting intervention in a systematic way.

AIMS includes Student, Parent and Teacher forms, which can be used to identify, implement and monitor those strategies most likely to enhance student performance, including strategies for use at home. Based upon the principles of goal attainment scaling, professionals are able to set measurable goals and map the students' progress towards these goals.

A comprehensive manual outlines the technique, providing directions for designing empirically-supported intervention objectives and a mapping system to evaluate the effectiveness of these plans.

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Complete kit: Includes manual, 25 each of student, parent and teacher forms
Additional copies of materials:
Student record forms, pack of 25
Teacher record forms, pack of 25
Parent record forms, pack of 25