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Adult Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
General Abilities

Adult Reading Test (ART)
Peter Brooks, John Everatt and Rob Fidler, 2004

Assess adult reading skills

Age Range:
16 to 55 years

Individual - Untimed

The Adult Reading Test (ART) has been developed to assess the literacy skills of adults. It is a prose reading test that provides measures of reading accuracy, reading comprehension, speed of reading and speed of writing, using centile scores. 

The test was standardised on a UK student population attending Further and Higher Education colleges/universities in the South East of England. 

The DfES has established a working party to review arrangements for the assessment of specifiic learning difficulties in higher education. The Adult Reading Test, which was developed as part of a dyslexia assessment process at Roehampton, has been included in the list of suitable tests produced by the working party. It has also been used to obtain literacy measures for exam certification. 

There are 5 passages, increasing in difficulty as the student progresses through the test. There is also an extension passage and a pre-entry passage available. Scoring sheets are provided with the manual along with technical data. 

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Complete kit: Includes reading booklet and examiner's manual with reproducible record forms