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Adult Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
General Abilities

Alzheimer's Quick Test (AQT)
Assessment of Temporal-Parietal Function

Elisabeth Wiig, Niels Peter Nielsen, Lennart Minthon 
and Siegbert Warkentin, 2002

Test of parietal lobe function 
for early screening of Alzheimer's

Age Range:

Individual - 3 to 5 minutes

The Alzheimer’s Quick Test has been validated with brain imaging and other neuro-psychiatric procedures to support an early differential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease by detecting impaired parietal function.

This reliable test is quick and easy to administer and score. It is culture-free and not influenced by practice/learning. Two or ideally three naming tasks are performed:

Task A: Colour-Form Naming

Task B: Colour-Number Naming 

And/or Test C: Colour-Letter Naming.

Each task contains three tests. For example in Task A, the first two tests use single-dimension stimulus naming (Colour Naming and Form Naming) to set a baseline for naming time and accuracy. The third test uses dual-dimension stimulus combinations (colour and form) to obtain indirect, behavioural evidence of the level of cortical activation of the parietal lobes during the performance. Two additional tasks, Colour-Animal and Colour-Object Naming, are provided as alternatives for Colour-Form Naming.

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