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Paediatric Assessments and Interventions 
General Development

Bayley Scales of Infant Development® - Second Edition (BSID®-II)
Nancy Bayley, 1993

Identify children who have cognitive
or motor delays

Age Range:
1 to 42 months

Individual - 25 to 35 minutes for children
under 15 months; up to 60 minutes for 
children over 15 months

An update of the classic Bayley Scales, this test offers a comprehensive assessment of early childhood development. BSID-II® retains the broad content coverage that characterised the original scales and includes:

In clinical settings, the Bayley Scales have traditionally been used to evaluate the development of young children. The BSID-II® includes new items measuring a broader skill range.

It features improved stimulus materials and it's clinical utility has been extended by including data from a wide range of groups, including children born prematurely, having the HIV antibody, prenatally drug exposed, asphyxiated at birth, developmentally delayed, children with autism and children with Down's Syndrome.

This, together with an extended age range, revised norms, improved psychometric properties and non-restrictive administrative procedures, makes the BSID-II® a highly flexible instrument that allows you to meet the needs of the very young child.

Reliability Information
Average reliability coefficient: II E.G .88 (average mental scale)
Test-retest reliability: E.G .91 (mental scale for ages 24 and 36 mths)
Inter-rater reliability: .96 (mental scale)

Available Products


Complete kit: Includes manual, stimulus booklet, packs of 25 each of the mental scale record forms, motor scale record forms (with tracing design sheet), behaviour rating scale record forms, visual stimulus card, map and all necessary manipulables in a soft sided carrying case
Additional copies of materials:
Stimulus booklet
Mental scale record forms, pack of 25
Motor Scale record forms, pack of 25 (with tracing design sheet)
Behaviour rating scales, pack of 25
Visual stimulus cards, pack of 8