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Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation® (BSS™)
Aaron T Beck and Robert A Steer, 1991

Assess an individual's thoughts, attitudes
and intentions regarding suicide

Age Range:
17 years and older

Individual - 5 to 10 minutes

The Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation® (BSS™) is a valuable tool for clinicians to examine suicidal intent in patients. Developed for use with patients of 17 years and over, the BSS™ provides a good starting point for a clinician's more detailed examination of a patient's suicidal intent. 

The BSS™ is also useful for monitoring suicide ideation of patients who are known to be at risk for suicide

The Manual provides data on both in-patients and outpatients. The BSS™ items correlate highly with items that relate to suicide on the other Beck Scales: 

Reliability Information:
Average reliability coefficient: .90 (Inpatient), .87 (Outpatient)
Test-retest reliability: .54

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