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Dexterity Tests

Bennett Hand-Tool Dexterity Test (H-TDT)
George K Bennett, 1985

Measures manipulative skill independent 
of intellectual factors

5 to 10 minutes

The Bennett Hand-Tool Dexterity Test has been constructed to provide a measure of proficiency in using ordinary mechanics tools. 
This type of skill is important in many different factory and garage jobs, and in servicing home, office and other equipment. The test requires each candidate to use the hand tools provided to take apart 12 fastenings according to a prescribed sequence and to reassemble the nuts, washers and bolts into a new position on the test frame. As the test measures skills largely independent of intellectual factors it is suitable across the full ability range.

Included in the Technical Manual are percentile ranks for maintenance mechanics, technical trainees, physically injured workers, special education and vocational training students, and trainees with mental or emotional disabilities. 

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Complete kit: Includes all necessary parts and manual
Additional copies of materials:
Small wrench
Large wrench
Adjustable wrench