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Paediatric Intervention -
Language: Composite / General

CLIP - Preschool
Eleanor Semel and Elisabeth H Wiig, 1997

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Children aged 3 through 7 years who are at risk for academic failure benefit from this language programme designed to develop communication skills. High-risk children include those with language and developmental delays, hearing impairments, learning disabilities and language disorders, culturally deprived youngsters and children who are learning English as a second language.

CLIP-Preschool helps establish early communication competence with child-centred teaching strategies and lessons that can be tailored to the attention span and language status of individual children. The programme is easy to use with one child, a small group or an entire class.

The CLIP-Preschool manual presents a variety of activities using creating, exploring and playing approaches. You control the content and context, sequencing, reinforcement and pacing of materials. Reproducible worksheets are included featuring simple paper and pencil tasks that correspond to the theme-related lesson and artwork.

Includes reproducible items

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300 page paperback manual