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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -

CVLT®-C Scoring Assistant®, with Report Writer™
Harcourt Assessment, 1998

Scoring Software for CVLT-C 

Scoring Software for the California Verbal Learning Test® - Children's Version (CVLT-C) 
The CVLT-C Scoring Assistant quickly tabulates and prints raw scores, graphs the main findings and prints age and sex adjusted standard scores, based on the normative reference group. The more recent CVLT-C Scoring Assistant with Report Writer is available as a complete product or as an upgrade. 

This is an important tool for reliably and conveniently scoring and generating into interpretative reports easily understood by parents. This time saving device not only circulates norm reference scores, but also provides recommendations for educational planning, an intervention based on the child's strengths or weaknesses. The CVLTC Scoring Assistant with Report Writer will provide you with valuable information about the multifaceted process of children learning. You can get accurate scores assistance and valuable interpretative insights and eliminate the need to manually search through tables

Available Products


Scoring Assistant with Report Writer, Version 2.0: Includes user's guide and software (CD-ROM)
Upgrade kit, Version 2.0: Includes user's guide addendum and two floppy disks