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Career Guidance Tests

Career Interest Inventory (CII)
Harcourt Assessment, 1996

Identify suitable areas for future 
training and employment

Age Range:

Individual or Group -
10 to 30 minutes per subtest

The Career Interest Inventory (CII) is a career-guidance instrument that provides information about the goals of adults as well as their interest in a variety of post-secondary school subjects and fields of work. 

The CII consists of job activity statements selected to represent a wide range of occupations. In addition, the CII contains statements that have been selected to represent a wide range of subjects available in college programmes. When this information is then combined with job interests, the CII can be used to help adults explore both educational and career opportunities. 

Although the CII can be used as a stand-alone instrument, it can also be used to complement DAT for Guidance as a means of linking vocational interests with aptitudes for different kinds of employment. 

The CII for Schools has been specifically designed for convenience and simplicity of use. Its high quality format provides for easy administration and enables results to be interpreted quickly and with confidence. In addition, machine-scorable record forms are available to make scoring even easier and quicker for you. 

You can choose to operate this system in-house or through our Bureau Service. Also, our customised Windows® system DAT/CII Interpreter (developed by the University of Hertfordshire), is now available for use. Features include raw score conversion, profiling and the provision of detailed narrative reports at the press of a button. 

These reports can then be easily imported into a word processor for editing before a hard copy is requested. As with our narrative report-writing software the machine-score system can be run in-house or through our Bureau Service. 

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