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Paediatric Intervention -
Auditory Processing

Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Strategies for Use with Children and Adolescents
Dorothy A Kelly, 1995


Use this complete guide to take the guesswork out of treating central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) in school-age children to adolescents. 
Gain a clearer understanding of the behavioural effects of CAPD on language and language-development performance. You'll find reproducible materials providing questions and answers for parents, and suggestions for teachers and students. Follow through the processes of intervention, remediation, transition and carryover. 

Focus clients on auditory figure-ground activities, and use the spelling list (segmented by grade level) to improve processing. Differentiate CAPD from Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities, dyslexia and hearing impairments. Copy and distribute worksheets for three areas.

1. Auditory memory, following directions and auditory figure ground 
2. Auditory discrimination 
3. Auditory cohesion. 

Includes reproducible items 

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258 page spiralbound manual