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Adult Mental Health - 
Trauma / Stress

Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ)
David P Bernstein and Laura Fink, 1997

Assess trauma history via retrospective

Age Range:
12 years and older

Individual - 5 minutes

The CTQ is a 28 item self-report inventory that can be administered to adults and adolescents to provide reliable, valid screening for a history of abuse and neglect in order to establish whether traumatic childhood conditions are a factor in your client's personal history. It is an effective, clinical tool, which can be administered in 5 minutes with 5 scales measuring: 

It includes a minimisation denial scale for detecting individuals who maybe under reporting traumatic events and interpretative guidelines which allow for identification of three levels of severity of abuse, neglect (low, moderate, severe).

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Complete kit: Includes manual and 25 Ready Score® answer documents
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Ready Score® answer documents, pack of 25