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Child Cognition

Children's Apperception Test (CAT)
Leopold Bellak and Sonya Bellak, 1974

Measure aspects of a child's personality

Age Range:
3 to 10 years

Individual - Untimed

A downward extension of a classic Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), the CAT measures aspects of personality including level of reality testing and judgement, control and regulation of drives, and degree of autonomy. Composed of 10 drawings of animals, this test is based on the theory that children identify more readily with animal figures than human figures. The supplement (SATS) features a set of 10 irregularly shaped figures of animals for further exploration of tension. Another version (CATH) features drawings of humans as was designed for use with older children in research.

Available Products


Complete kit: Includes CAT, CAT-S and CAT-H picture cards and manuals, 25 Bellak TAT short form blanks and 30 Halworth schedules
Additional copies of materials:
CAT picture cards/manual
CAT-S picture cards/manual
CAT-H picture cards/manual
Haworth schedules, pack of 30