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Child Mental Health

Children's Depression Inventory (CDI)
Maria Kovacs, 1992

Measure severity of depression in children

Age Range:
7 to 17 years

Individual - CDI: 15 minutes, CDI-S: 5 minutes

This comprises 27 self-rating items for school-age children and adolescents. For each item, respondents choose one of 3 sentences that best describe their experience in the past 2 weeks. In addition to the Total Depression Score, the CDI measures 5 empirically derived factors:

The 10-item short form (CDI-S) is more economical to administer and ideal for quick screening.

Available Products


CDI/CDI-S (short form) Complete kit: Includes CDI manual, 25 CDI and 25 CDI-S QuikScore forms
CDI Complete kit: Includes CDI manual and 25 QuikScore forms
Additional copies of materials:
CDI manual
CDI QuikScore forms, pack of 25
CDI-S QuikScore forms, pack of 25