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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -

Children's Memory Scale™ (CMS)
Morris Cohen, 1997

Assess children's memory abilities

Age Range:
5 to 16 years

Individual - 30 minutes

For scoring options, please see the Scoring Assistant® for the Children's Memory Scale™.

This battery comprehensively assesses the integrity of memory functions in children and enables comparison with measures of both ability and achievement. In keeping with the high standards of technical quality, reliability, and validity established by the Wechsler series, the CMS links learning and memory directly to ability and achievement, as measured by the WISC-III, WPPSI-R, and WIAT. 

The CMS parallels the structure of the adult Wechsler Memory Scales. It's 6 core subtests load onto scales tapping 

It features minimal item bias and extensive clinical validation studies, making it appropriate as a process skills screening instrument for children with learning difficulties or memory/attentional deficits resulting from TBI, epilepsy, cancer, etc. 

Reliability Information
Average reliability coefficient: E.G. .91 (general memory)
Test-retest reliability: E.G. .89 (attention/concentration ages 9-12) 
Inter-rater reliability: E.G. .94 (delayed word lists ages 5-8)

Available Products


Complete kit: Includes manual, 2 stimulus booklets, 25 record forms for both ages, response grids, chips and 5 family picture cards, in bag
Additional copies of materials:
Record forms (5 to 8 years), pack of 25
Record forms (9 to 16 years), pack of 25