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Paediatric Intervention -
Language: Composite / General

Clinical Language Intervention Program (CLIP)
Eleanor Semel and Elisabeth H Wiig, 1986

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Use the Clinical Language Intervention Program (CLIP) to customise a language therapy programme for individual students or small groups from preschool to 13 years. 

CLIP training stimuli and carryover activities enable you to target more than 150 receptive and expressive skills in four major content areas: 

Delightful, full-colour stimulus materials are printed on durable, high-quality paper. The content matches language skills assessed in CELF-3 and Wiig CRIL. Develop IEPs - student skills are clearly defined for each lesson. CLIP presents alternative strategies for using materials and tasks, so you can tailor the programme to fit your needs. You'll find the convenient Progress Checklists help you record progress on CLIP and target skills over time.

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Complete kit: Includes professional's guide, picture manual, language intervention activities manual and 12 progress checklists