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Adult Assessment and Interventions - 

Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota, The
Ruth A Rustard, Terry L DeGroot, Margaret L Jungkunz, Karen S Freeberg, Laureen G Borowick and Ann M Wanttie, 1993

Measure the cognitive abilities of adults with
neurological impairments

Age Range:

Individual - Less than 60 minutes

The Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota provides an understanding of the theoretical framework to assess significant areas of cognition. It can be used to establish a base line as well as to validate treatment. The assessment goals include:

The assessment is an objective measure that helps standardise the evaluation of clients with cognitive dysfunction. Within the hierarchy are 17 subtests to assess, including: 

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Complete kit: Includes manual, 8 test cards, 25 score booklets in vinyl case
Additional copies of materials:
Score booklets, pack of 25