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Paediatric Intervention -
Language: Semantics / Concepts

Concept Builders
Carolyn Weiner, Judith M Creighton and Teresa S Lyons, 1995

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Help children 4 to 8 years old explore 43 basic language concepts through active participation in fun activities and conversations they'll hold with you. Photocopy a concept board and pictures for each language concept (i.e., wet/dry). Then, let the child choose which side of the board to place the pictures by asking questions for each picture - "Is this object wet or dry?" 

Provide opportunities for children to use interactive dialogue and questioning in conversations with parents, teachers, caregivers, paraprofessional, and speech-language pathologists. Detailed concept-building dialogues are provided for use with students who need additional support. 

Among other objectives, you'll teach children to: 

Cover a broad range of basic language ideas, including:

Includes reproducible item 

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232 page spiralbound manual