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Adult Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
Perception and Visuomotor Abilities

Cortical Vision Screening Test (CORVIST)
Merle James, Gordon T Plant and Elizabeth K Warrington, 2001

Screen for cerebral disease affecting vision

Age Range:
18 to 80 years

Individual - Untimed

The Cortical Vision Screening Test (CORVIST) is designed to detect visual impairments in individuals with normal (corrected) or near-normal vision. It allows vision specialists without any detailed knowledge of neuropsychology to probe the higher visual areas of the brain and is designed for use with patients with visual symptoms that cannot be explained by a routine ophthalmological, optometric or neurological examination.

Nature of the tests
Each of the ten tests focuses on a different aspect of early visual processing by cortical centres. Each is prefaced by a description of its aim, the instructions to the subject, and an indication of its significance. They are simple to administer and make minimal demands on the testee.

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Complete kit: Includes manual, stimulus book and pack of 25 scoring sheets
Additional copies of materials:
Scoring sheets, pack of 50