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Dexterity Tests

Crawford Small Parts Dexterity Test (CSPDT)
John Crawford, 1985

Assess hand-eye coordination and
fine motor dexterity

Untimed: 15 minutes,
Timed: 8 minutes

The CSPDT helps to predict success and efficiency in jobs demanding manual dexterity and fine precision finger movements: 

It requires candidates to undertake a timed series of fine motor tasks on an assembly plate, using tweezers and a screwdriver. 

In Part I of the test, the candidate uses tweezers to insert small pins into close-fitting holes in a plate and to place small collars over the protruding pins. 

In Part II, the candidate places small screws into threaded holes in the plate and screws them down with a screwdriver until they strike the metal tray below. 

Available Products


Complete kit: Includes board and plate, parts tools, manual and spare parts
Additional copies of materials:
Board and plate
Pins, pack of 50
Collars, pack of 50
Screws, pack of 50