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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
Higher Executive Abilities 

Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System™ (D-KEFS™)
Adapted for Use in the UK

Dean C Delis, Edith Kaplan and Joel H Kramer, 2001

Assess key components of executive functions

Age Range:
8 to 89 years

Individual - 90 minutes

With nine new stand-alone tests, the D-KEFS™ provides a comprehensive assessment of higher-level thinking and cognitive flexibility – key components of executive functioning believed to be mediated primarily by the frontal lobe. The tests, administered as a complete set to both children and adults in 90 minutes, or individually in varying timeframes, assess vital executive functions such as flexibility of thinking, inhibition, problem solving, planning, impulse control, concept formation, abstract thinking, and creativity in both verbal and spatial modalities. 

Use D-KEFS™ results to:

D-KEFS™ is the first set of standardised tests to evaluate higher-level cognitive functions in individuals as young as 8 years old. While IQ and basic achievement tests are vital for assessing certain domains of cognitive abilities, they do not provide information about what are arguably a child’s most important cognitive abilities, the capacity to engage in creative, abstract thinking. D-KEFS™ allows you to identify and then address executive function deficits in children who perform well on IQ and achievement tests.

D-KEFS™ is individually administered, and its game-like format is designed to be interesting and engaging for examinees, encouraging optimal performance without providing “right/wrong” feedback that can create frustration in some children and adults. Two forms are available: Standard Record Forms include all nine D-KEFS™ tests, with alternate versions for three of the tests that are most susceptible to practice effects; D-KEFS™ Sorting, Verbal Fluency and 20 Questions Tests.

D-KEFS™ is correlated with the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence™ (WASI™) and the California Verbal Learning Test-Second Edition (CVLT-II), providing information concerning the role of intellectual ability and memory on D-KEFS™ performance. 

Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System™ (D-KEFS™) Scoring Assistant

Enhance the scoring process with convenient software that dramatically reduces your scoring time. The D-KEFS™ Scoring Assistant allows you to generate D-KEFS™ reports quickly and easily. Record and score the nine D-KEFS™ subtests as a complete battery or as individual subtests – then produce, view and print reports from your own PC. Generate reports in a tabular or graphic format, choosing the layout that best fits your needs.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

Available Products


Complete kit: Includes manual, stimulus booklet, sorting cards (3 sets of 6 cards), 1 tower stand with 5 colour disks, 25 record forms, 25 design fluency response booklets, 25 trail making response booklet sets (each set contains 5 response booklets for the 5 trail making conditions) in a bag
Complete kit with Scoring Assistant: Includes all of the above and CD Rom for Windows®
Additional copies of materials:
Scoring Assistant: CD Rom for Windows®
Standard record forms (all nine subtests combined), pack of 25
Sorting test record forms, pack of 25
Colour-word interference test record forms, pack of 25
Trail making test response booklets, pack of 25 set (each set contains 25 different response booklets for 5 trail making conditions)
Trail making test record forms, pad of 25
Verbal fluency test record forms, pack of 25
Design fluency test response booklets, pack of 25
Design fluency test record forms, pack of 25
20 questions test record forms, pack of 25
Word context test record forms, pack of 25
Tower test record forms, pack of 25
Proverb test record forms, pack of 25
Alternate record forms for D-KEFS sorting, verbal fluency and 20 question tests, pack of 25
Sorting test - set of cards, 2 sets of standard sorting cards and 1 practice set
Examiner's manual
Sorting test - alternate set of cards, 3 sets of 6 cards each