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Career Guidance Tests

Differential Aptitude Tests for Schools (DAT for Schools)
George K Bennett, Harold G Seashore and Alexander G Wesman, 1997

To measure an individual's capacity
to suceed in a variety of careers

Individual or Group Administration:
10 to 30 minutes per subtest, Paper & Pencil

DAT for Schools assesses eight different types of ability, or aptitude, which can be related to success in different areas of employment. The comprehensice nature of the tests allows a profile to be built and interpreted in the light of an impressive body of validation research and accumulated understanding about the relevance of each DAT aptitude to occupational success in a wide range of jobs. DAT for Schools can therefore help students to formulate career goals based on a n objective assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. 
DAT for Schools may also be administered together with the Career Interest Inventory for Schools to provide a combined assessment of interests and aptitudes which may then be linked to potential occupations or further training paths. 

In addition, for the area of exam concessions DAT for Schools measures, objectively and reliably, verbal reasoning and abstract (non verbal) reasoning. 

Our customised Windows® system DAT/CII Interpreter V2.0 is available for use. Features include raw score conversion, unlimited custom norms, profiling and the provision of detailed narrative reports at the press of a button. 

Available Products


Test Booklet
Handscorable answer sheets (Year 9 to 12), pack of 10
Practice Test, pack of 10
Machine-Scorable Answer Sheet, pack of 50 (40 track)
Machine-Scorable Answer Sheet, pack of 50 (48 track)