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Ability & Attainment Tests

Differential Aptitude Tests for Selection (DAT for Selection)
George K Bennett, Harold G Seashore and Alexander G Wesman, 1996

Measure an individual's capacity to succeed
in a number or careers

Individual or Group - 60 to 90 minutes per
battery, Paper & Pencil

The DAT has a history stretching back to 1947 with its original authors being amongst the most prestigious names in the history of psychometric test development. The unrivalled development history of the DAT and the accumulated validity data over more than four decades gives this publication unassailable authority. 

DAT for Selection builds on previous work carried out by The Psychological Corporation into reliable and valid measures of individual aptitudes and the results have seen the development of a shorter battery of tests with new items and UK norms. 

DAT for Selection assesses different types of ability, or aptitude, which can be related to success in different areas of employment. Two separate components are available, the General Abilities Battery and the Technical Abilities Battery, reflecting the different aptitudes required for different areas of employment. Each component assesses an individuals relative strengths and weaknesses across aspects of ability considered key to occupational success. 

The General Abilities Battery combines the following tests together:

Verbal Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning

Abstract Reasoning 

The Technical Abilities Battery combines the following tests together:

Numerical Reasoning 

Abstract Reasoning 

Mechanical Reasoning 

Space Relations 

DAT for Selection has been specifically designed for convenience and simplicity of use. Its high quality format provides for easy administration and enables results to be interpreted quickly and with confidence. In addition, machine-scorable record forms are available to make scoring even quicker and more reliable. You can choose to operate this system or through our Bureau Service. 

In addition, our customised Windows® system, DAT/CII Interpreter v2.0, is available for use. Features include raw score conversion, unlimited custom norms, profiling and the provision of detailed narrative reports at the press of a button. These reports can then be easily imported into a word processor for editing before a hard copy is requested. 

Available Products


DAT/CII Interpreter CD-ROM (includes 250 complimentary software credits)
DAT for Selection - General Abilities Battery
General Abilities Battery Manual
General Abilities Battery Test Booklet
Practice test for General Abilities Battery and Technical Abilities Battery, pack of 10
Handscorable answer sheets (Year 12+), pack of 10
General Abilities Battery Machine-Scorable Answer Sheet, pack of 50 (48 track)
General Abilities Battery Machine-Scorable Answer Sheet, pack of 50 (40 track)
DAT for Selection - Technical Abilities Battery
Technical Abilities Battery Manual
Technical Abilities Battery Test Booklet
Technical Abilities Battery Hand-Scorable Answer Sheet, pack of 10
Technical Abilities Battery Machine-Scorable Answer Sheet, pack of 50 (48 track)
Technical Abilities Battery Machine-Scorable Answer Sheet, pack of 50 (40 track)