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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
Higher Executive Abilities 

Draw A Person (DAP)
A Quantitative Scoring System
Jack A Naglieri, 1988

Provide a measure of nonverbal intellectual ability through human figure drawing

Age Range:
5 to 17 years

Individual or Group - 15 minutes

The Draw A Person technique provides a 'child friendly' non verbal measure of intellectual ability based on human figure drawings. Children are asked to produce drawings of a man, of a woman and of themselves. The system yields a separate standard score for each drawing and for the total of the three. 
This carefully developed system provides a quick, efficient and clear measure of ability and is the most objective method of scoring available for this approach to individual assessment. 

A training section in the manual facilitates consistent use of the system. Clear scoring guidelines reflect the many possible ways a child can respond.

Available Products


Complete kit: Includes examiner's manual with scoring chart and a pack of 25 student record/response forms
Additional copies of materials:
Examiner's manual with scoring chart
Student record/response forms, pack of 25