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Adult Assessment
Feeding / Swallowing

Dysphagia Evaluation Protocol
Wendy Avery-Smith, Abbey Brod Rosen and Donna Dellarosa, 1997

Evaluate patients for swallowing problems

Age Range:

Individual - 30 minutes

Use the Dysphagia Evaluation Protocol to evaluate patients of all ages for swallowing problems in just 30 minutes. This kit includes a pocket-sized version of the evaluation in a flipbook format for easy bedside administration. 

The protocol enables you to quickly evaluate the factors that may contribute to swallowing difficulties. Dysphagia Evaluation Protocol provides guidelines for conducting a feeding trial at bedside, and helps you know when to initiate, continue, or stop a swallowing evaluation. Also included is information regarding alternative procedures to evaluate function.

Results of the evaluation can help you determine whether a patient is appropriate for videofluoroscopy, and assist you in defining the variables and factors that need to be evaluated further through videofluoroscopy. Use the evaluation to identify the contributing factors in a patient's dysphagia, and for classifying and defining treatment for specific types of dysphagia.

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Complete kit: Includes 64 page manual, 40 page pocket manual and pack of 15 4-page record forms
Additional copies of materials:
Pocket manual
Record forms, pack of 15