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Adult Mental Health -
Psychiatric Disorder

Eating Inventory
Albert J Stunkard and Samuel Messick, 1988

Assess cognitive control of eating, disinhibition and hunger

Age Range:
17 years and older

Individual - 15 minutes

This instrument assesses three dimensions of eating behaviour:

It was designed for a variety of uses including the assessment if eating disorders and obesity both before and after treatment. It is also useful for determining the effects of smoking sensation or any other condition that has weight change implications. Additionally, the inventory has numerous research uses such as the investigation of cognitive processes related to hunger, eating behaviour, or their adoctation and control. The eating inventory maybe used for both adolescent and adults samples. It is a two-part questionnaire composed of 36 True or False items in part one and 15 rating scale items in part two. The examinee responds by marking his or her answers on a ready score answer sheet that provides a built in scoring system for the examiner. 

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Complete kit: Includes manual, 25 questionnaires and 25 Ready Score® answer sheets
Additional copies of materials:
Questionnaires, pack of 25
Ready Score® answer sheets, pack of 25