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Paediatric Assessments and Interventions 
Perceptual / Fine Motor Development

Fine Motor Dysfunction - CD-ROM Version
Kristin Johnson Levine, 1999


The CD-ROM version of Fine Motor Dysfunction offers flexibility and convenience for therapists working with preschool and school age children with fine motor dysfunctions. All of the best selling book's 593 pages are included on one compact disc, along with a user's manual.

The software helps you develop and customise activity programmes to better target the needs of individual clients. Tracking activities that have been provided and monitoring clients' progress are easier with computer-generated results.

Edit and print the instruction sheets with or without illustrations to give to teachers and parents for use in the classroom or at home. Create an activity programme that includes an individualised cover page. The cover page automatically records the areas of difficulty addressed and purpose of activities selected for a child's programme. Create and print a summary report that lists all activities provided, with dates, as well as comments about progress.

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CD Rom for PC and Macintosh and 8 page manual