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Paediatric Assessments and Interventions 
Perceptual / Fine Motor Development

Fine Motor Dysfunction
Therapeutic Strategies in the Classroom
Kristin Johnson Levine, 1991


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Take advantage of more than 590 pages of activities, ideas and compensatory strategies. Now you can have helpful ideas and activities that are reproducible and ready to use! These remediating and compensating strategies help you adapt regular classroom programming and materials for preschool and school-age children.

Illustrated sheets help teachers and parents understand why a child is having difficulty with fine motor tasks. The activities and strategies give examples of ways to improve the child's performance.

This task-specific approach also enhances children's self-image by helping them participate with greater success in school activities. Activities are arranged in 15 skill areas, including:

Suggestions are given for using these activities in various settings so the child can practice the skill throughout the day. The appendices include resources for additional information and additional activity suggestions and source lists for adaptive equipment. Also included is a checklist with motor, perceptual-motor and cognitive components that play a role in fine motor skill development. Use this checklist to record areas that need intervention.

Includes reproducible items

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593 page manual in ringbinder