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Ability & Attainment Tests

Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)
The Psychological Corporation, 1992

Measure attainment of literacy and
numeracy in adults

Individual or Group - 
35 minutes per subtest, Paper & Pencil

Foundation Skills Assessment provides measures of attainment in numeracy and literacy that have been designed specifically for adults, making reference to everyday materials and situaltions with an adult orientation. 
FSA is comprised of four tests, which are provided at three levels of difficulty (A, B and C): 

A short and simple screening test can be administered initially to indicate which level of FSA is most appropriate. A single scaling system runs through all three levels, providing a common yardstick for the interpretation of scores across the full ability range. 

FSA provides an unpatronising approach to the assessment of basic skills in adults through regerence to commonly encountered materials and situations. 
FSA covers a very wide span of ability and is appropratie for assessment of those with very limited achievements.

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