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Ability & Attainment Tests

General Clerical Test-Revised (GCT-R)
Harcourt Assessment, 1993

Assess clerical speed and accuracy,
numerical and verbal ability

Individual or Group - 50 minutes, Pencil & Paper

Normative data from various occupational and educational groups is provided for Clerical, Numerical and Verbal Subtests as well as for the Total Score. The revision of the GCT in 1993 built on the extensive history of this test to produce a sophisticated battery of subtests covering a wide range of clerical abilities. Every test part has been carefully reviewed and adapted for current usage. All test material has been re-designed to create a highly attractive and easy-to-use format, contributing to a positive and constructive assessment process for both candidate and administrator. 

The ten parts are: 

Scores from these parts combine to yield three ability scores: GCT-R Clerical, GCT-R Numerical, GCT-R Verbal, as well as a Total Score

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Starter kit: Includes manual, 25 test booklets, 25 practice tests and scoring keys in a bag
Practice test, pack of 25
Test Booklet, pack of 25
Scoring keys