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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
Achievement Measures

Gifted Rating Scales (GRS)
Steven Pfeiffer and Tania Jarosewich, 2003

Identify children for placement 
in gifted education programmes

Age Range:
4 to 13 years 11 months

Individual - 5 to 10 minutes

The Gifted Rating Scales are norm-referenced rating scales based on current theories of giftedness and federal and state guidelines regarding the definition of gifted and talented students.

Teachers can complete both forms of the GRS easily and quickly: the GRS-P form for children aged 4 years to 6 years 11 months and the GRS-S form for ages 6 years to 13 years 11 months. These forms cover the domains: intellectual, academic readiness, motivation, creativity and artistic talent (‘leadership’ is also included for GRS-S form).

Both forms of the GRS allow for identification of relative strengths and specific areas of giftedness and provide specific behavioural guidelines for identification of giftedness within each domain. 

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Complete kit: Includes manual, 25 early child record forms and 25 school age record forms
Additional copies of materials:
Record forms for ages 4:0-6:11, pack of 25
Record forms for ages 6:0-13:11, pack of 25