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Gray Oral Reading Tests (GORT-4) - Fourth Edition
J Lee Wiederholt and Brian R Bryant, 2001

Measure oral reading comprehension

Age Range:
6 to 18 years 11 months

Individual - Untimed

The Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT-4) provides an efficient and objective measure of growth in oral reading and an aid in the diagnosis of oral reading difficulties. The test consists of two parallel forms, each containing 14 developmentally sequenced reading passages with five comprehension questions. 

A 'Fluency Score' that is derived by combining the reader's performance in 'Rate' (time in seconds taken to read each passage) and 'Accuracy' (number of deviations from print made in each passage). The number of correct responses made to the comprehension questions provides examiners with an 'Oral Reading Comprehension Score'. 

All four scores are reported in terms of standard scores, percentile ranks, grade equivalents and age equivalents. The Fluency Score and the Oral Reading Comprehension Score are combined to obtain an Oral Reading Quotient. The two forms of the test allow you to study an individual's oral reading progress over time.

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Complete kit: Includes manual, student book, 25 of each of the profile/response forms for A and B in a sturdy storage box
Additional copies of materials:
Profile/Response forms (Form A), pack of 25

Profile/Response forms (Form B), pack of 25