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Paediatric Assessments and Interventions 
Perceptual / Fine Motor Development

Hands at Work and Play
Developing Fine Motor Skills at School and Home
Janice Miller Knight and Mary Jo Gilpin Decker, 1994


Work with teachers and parents to refine coordination in at-risk 5 to 7 year olds. Work in small groups integrating sensory motor activities with manipulatives for cutting, colouring and writing. You'll receive reproducible materials including screening methods, 88 illustrated worksheets, alphabet worksheets, instructor aids, and weekly parent letters. 
Hands at Work and Play is divided into three fine motor programmes: 

Fine Motor 101 is a 10 week programme for new pre-school children at a pre-writing level. Activities include whole body sensory motor warm ups, colouring, pasting, cutting, tracing and sculpting with clay. 

Fine Motor 102 develops preschool children's ability to print the alphabet. Sensory motor warm ups focus on fine motor control. 

Fine Motor 103 is a 13 week programme for the early years at school. Sensory motor activities emphasise relaxation and posture prior to pencil/paper activities. Students will concentrate on letter formation, directionality, spacing, left-to-right orientation and copying form horizontal and vertical planes. 

The photocopiable materials include: 

Includes reproducible items

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