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Adult Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
Higher Executive Functions

Hayling and Brixton Tests
Paul W Burgess and Tim Shallice, 1997

Clinical assessment of executive functioning

Age Range:
18 to 80 years

Approx 15 minutes

Why use the Hayling and Brixton? 

The Hayling and Brixton Tests will be particularly useful in the following situations: 

The Hayling Sentence Completion Test 

This test is entirely spoken and is thus suitable for people with a wide range of problems such as those involving reading, visual perception or movement. It takes approximately five minutes to administer yet yields three different measures of executive functioning which can be considered separately or combined into an overall score. 

The Hayling Test consists of two sets of 15 sentences each having the last word missing. In the first section the examiner reads each sentence aloud and the participant has to simply complete the sentences, yielding a simple measure of response 

Initiation speed. In the second section the subject is asked to complete the sentences with a word that does not fit, giving measures of response suppression ability and thinking time. 

The Brixton Spatial Anticipation Test 

Probably the most well-known situation in which dysexecutive patients have problems is when they are asked to detect rules in sequences of stimuli. The Brixton Test measures this ability within a format that is easy to administer and is designed to be pleasant for the subject. It takes between five and ten minutes to give, and yields an easily understood scaled scores. For detailed clinical decision-making, age and age-and-pre-morbid-iq cut-off scores are provided. The Brixton Test is perceptually simple and as it does not require a verbal response it is appropriate for those suffering from a wide range of deficits such as those involving speech production or reading. 

Scaled scores can be derived for each measure, enabling the clinician to build a pattern of their client’s deficits. Normative data are presented for all measures, and, for diagnostic decision-making, age related cut-off scores are given together with separate age and pre-morbid iq cut-off scores. 

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