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Helping Babies Learn:
Developmental Profiles and Activities for Infants and Toddlers
Setsu Furuno, Katherine A O'Reilly, Carol M Hosaka, Takayo T Inatsuka and Barbara Zeisloft Falbey, 1993


Show parents how to help their birth to 36 month old children realise their fullest potential. Provide parents with reproducible activities to integrate all aspects of development. Plus, parents learn how their child is doing with six developmental charts summarising normal skills development for each 3 month time period. Together you and the parent can refer to the charts to track the child's progress. 

Helping Babies Learn teaches parents how to observe and plan appropriate activities with their child. Parents discover how to use interactions to promote the development of cognition, communication, socialisation, movement, self-care and safety. Plus, parents learn how to emphasise having fun with their baby. 

Choose from a wide variety of developmentally sequenced activities parents can use every day! Activities address:

Includes reproducible items 

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288 page spiralbound manual, 6 developmental charts (set of 5)
Reorder the 6 Developmental Charts in packs of 5 each