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Adult Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
General Abilities

Kaplan Baycrest Neurocognitive Assessment (KBNA)
Adapted for UK Use
Larry Leach, Edith Kaplan, Dmytro Rewilak, Brian Richards and Guy B Poulx, 2000

Screen for cognitive ability in adults

Age Range:
20 to 89 years

Individual - 60 minutes

This comprehensive screening tool combines behavioural neurology and traditional neuropsychological approaches to assessment. The KBNAUK provides important information that can be used for a general overview, in-depth diagnosis, or treatment planning and monitoring. The battery comprises 24 subtests that focus on these major areas of cognition:

Flexible administration procedures allow examiners to tailor assessments and then choose between Index scores (data presented as standard scores), Process scores (data presented as percentile categories of low, medium and high risk of impairment) or a combination of both. Process scores help to break down an examinee's performance into component processes making it easier to identify strengths and weaknesses, target interventions and document improvement over time. 

The KBNAUK is correlated with the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI) and so the effects of general intellectual ability on KBNAUK subtests can be disentangled. It is also correlated with a variety of other commonly used neuropsychological instruments, including the California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT), the California Verbal Learning Test - 2nd Edition (CVLT-II), the Boston Naming Test, and the Delis Kaplan Executive Function System (D-KEFS).

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Complete kit: Includes manual, stimulus booklet, 25 response booklets, 25 record forms, response grid, set of 8 response chips in a box
Additional copies of materials:
Record forms, pack of 25
Response booklets, pack of 25
UK stimulus booklet