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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
Higher Executive Abilities 

Matrix Analogies Test - Expanded Form
(MAT - Expanded Form)
Jack A Naglieri, 1985

Assess nonverbal reasoning abilities
with an in-depth measure

Age Range:
5 to 17 years

Individual - 30 minutes

The Matrix Analogies Test - Expanded Form has been superseded by the new Naglieri Nonverbal Ability TestŪ - Individual Administration. However components are still available for the MAT - Expanded Form.

The MAT-Expanded Form is especially appropriate for assessing the abilities of children with learning disabilities, mental retardation, hearing or language impairment, physical disabilities, ability to speak in more than one language, and ability to perform at the gifted level. The colours (blue, yellow, black and white) used in the stimulus materials reduce the influence of impaired colour vision.

The matrix design of the stimulus items requires minimal verbal comprehension and no verbal response.

Items are organised into four item groups, determined through item factor analysis:

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Complete kit: Includes examiner's manual, stimulus manual, 50 answer sheets and case
Additional copies of materials:
Answer sheets, pack of 50