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Personality, Work Styles & Motivation

Motivational Styles Questionnaire (MSQ)
Roland Tarleton, 1998


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To assess the 'want to do' element in perfomance,
allowing you to define the roles in which individuals
will make optimal use of their abilities

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The Motivational Style Questionnaire (MSQ) is not concerned with what individuals can or cannot do, but with what they actually will do in the reality of the work situation. Individuals who are very similar in terms of ability and personality may differ greatly in their need for Achievement, and also in their need for Structure and need for Power. 

MSQ is therefore used to predict future performance by comparing the strength of these motivational preferences with opportunities that exist within the job itself, the work environment and the culture of the organisation.

MSQ Part 1: Preferred Role
Identifying with a particular kind of role, work environment and organisational culture. Seven 'needs' are assessed within three main groups:

Achievement - Technical specialist/analyst
Systems Power - General manager/ business leader
People Power - Line manager/coach 

Structure - Change agent vs maintainer 

Independence - Working alone
Affiliaton - Seeking team support
Personal Power - Thriving in a high profile role. 

MSQ Part 2: Operational Style
Response to different kinds of challenge. Three fundamental dimensions of the 'goals' individuals will set themselves: 

Short-term Striving - Initial response to new tasks
Medium-term Striving - Speed of delivery
General Orientation - Operational vs entrepreneurial focus. 

Some of the main areas of application of the MSQ are: