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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
General Abilities

NEPSY™ Scoring Assistant®
Harcourt Assessment, 1999

Scoring software for NEPSY™

Age Range:
2 to 12 years

Individual - Untimed

This new scoring software can dramatically reduce your scoring time by eliminating manual scoring of the NEPSY™. This helpful tool now provides multiple scoring options - quickly and easily. It automatically computes all NEPSY™ data, including Core Domain scores, Subtest scores and Supplemental scores, and Qualitative Observations. It also provides strength and weakness comparisons of all core domains.

In addition, all criteria for scoring the Design Copying subtest are included. NEPSY™ Scoring Assistant® includes the NEPSY™ record form summary pages for consistency and familiarity. Furthermore, cut-and-paste capabilities allow you to import summary information into any word processing program. All graphs, text and any other information can be exported in order to add in-depth detail to your own personal reports.

Hardware Requirements:
Windows® 95, 98, or NT 4.0, 16MB of RAM, 5MB of disk space, CD-ROM.

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NEPSY Scoring Assistant: CD-ROM