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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
General Abilities

Marit Korkman, Ursula Kirk and Sally Kemp, 1997

Assess neuropsychological development in children

Age Range:
3 to 12 years

Individual - 45 to 120 minutes

The NEPSY™ offers a comprehensive assessment of neuropsychological development in children and enables you to evaluate and explore deficiencies that interfere with the child's learning in 5 domains: 

Each domain has a core set of subtests, with added flexibility in administration allowing selective or expanded evaluation of each domain. It has been designed to be sensitive to ability problems relating to learning difficulties, attention deficits and traumatic brain injury. Some subtests can also be used for assessing children with sensory or motor handicaps, autistic disorders and genetic syndromes. It can be used with a variety of cultural and ethnic groups, as all items were reviewed by a panel of experts who found them to be fair and unbiased.

For scoring options, please see the NEPSY™ Scoring Assistant®.

Available Products


Complete kit: Includes manual, stimulus booklet, 10 record forms (ages 3 to 4), 10 record forms (ages 5 to 12), 10 response booklets (ages 5 to 12), scoring templates and manipulables in bag
Additional copies of materials:
Record forms (3 to 4 years), pack of 25
Record forms (5 to 12 years), pack of 25
Response booklets (3 to 4 years), pack of 25
Response booklets (5 to 12 years), pack of 25