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Child Mental Health

Parent Adviser Training Kit
Hilton Davis, Crispin Day and Christine Bidmead, 2002

The course for training the Parent Adviser Model

The Parent Adviser Training Kit includes the Parent Adviser Training Manual and Course Textbook. The manual is a practical step-by-step guide that describes in detail the course for training the Parent Adviser Model, and is needed by anyone wishing to teach the course. It contains all the information trainers might need regarding the theoretical and service background underlying the approach, relevant research and the development and evaluation of associated services. It includes the principles and methods of teaching, photocopyable handouts and information and methods about routine evaluation.

For use by
The trainers' manual is restricted to people with a mental health background, including psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors. It is also available to other professionals (for example paediatric occupational therapists) who have trained as Parent Advisers. See below for details.

Parent Adviser Training Course
The Parent Adviser Training course developed for anyone who works directly or indirectly with parents. The training involves a core module dealing with the basic skills of relating to and communicating effectively with parents. There are additional modules dealing with early identification of need and prevention of psychosocial problems and parenting skills.

The value of the Parent Adviser model has been acknowledged in several national reports e.g. the Audit Commission (1999); Mental Health Foundation (1999). It is included as one model of evidenced based practice in relation to Sure Start (2002). It has been evaluated in a number of research projects (see for a list of publications) and is being implemented in a variety of settings both nationally and internationally. It has application to the work of all statutory and voluntary agencies (health, education and social services) working with children, and is being used in relation to On Track, Youth Offending Teams, and the Children’s Fund. In Finland, this model is being used to train all public health nurses and two Australian states are using it to develop universal preventive services. 

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Complete kit: Includes the Parent Adviser Training manual and course textbook
Additional copies of materials:
Parent Adviser Training Manual

288 page paperback course text