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Child Mental Health -
Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Pervasive Developmental Disorders Screening Test-II (PDDST-II)
Bryna Siegel, 2004

Screen for autistic spectrum disorders 
in early childhood

Age Range:
18 months and older

Individual - 10 to 20 minutes

The PDDST-II is designed to detect autism at an early age allowing you to make decisions sooner regarding appropriate intervention.

Stage 1 - Primary Care Screener (PCS)
Appropriate for ages 12 to 18 months

Stage 2 - Developmental Clinic Screener (DCS)
From Birth to 18 months

Stage 3 - Autism Clinic Severity Screener (ACSS)
From Birth to 18 months

This quickly and easily administered tool screens for several autistic spectrum disorders in children as young as 18 months, including:

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Complete kit: Includes manual and packs of 25 record forms for each stage
Additional copies of materials:
Stage 1 record forms, pack of 25
Stage 2 record forms, pack of 25
Stage 3 record forms, pack of 25