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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
Higher Executive Abilities

Phonological Abilities Test (PAT)
Valerie Muter, Charles Hulme and Margaret Snowling, 1997

Assess the nature and extent of a child's
phonological weakness

Age Range:
5 to 7 years (norms available for 4 year olds)

Individual - 30 minutes

The early identification of reading difficulties is a desirable goal with many advantages. If children who are likely to find the early stages of learning difficult can be identified, remedial help can be given in the hope of preventing reading failure. An impressive amount of evidence, gathered over the past 30 years, shows that the best predictors of early reading progress are children's phonological skills. 

The Phonological Abilities Test consists of six tests:


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Complete kit: Includes examiner's manual, stimulus manual, alphabet cards and record forms in case
Additional copies of materials:
Record forms, pack of 25
Stimulus manual
Alphabet cards