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Paediatric Assessments and Interventions 
General Development

Play Calendars:
Weekly Activities for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers
Rachel B Diamant, 1996

Show parents how significant their involvement in and encouragement of play is in stimulating their children's development. You will find activities divided by developmental age: birth to 18 months, 18 months to 3 years, and 3 to 5 years. Choose the most appropriate activities for your clients. 

Provide parents with the appropriate weekly calendar for a child's developmental goal. Parents can choose which activities to do for the week, or you can designate the appropriate activities. With each month, divided by week, then by day, parents will have no trouble in creating a fun, learning environment at home. As an example, suggested games for the month of April for the toddler include:

Encourage families to try to incorporate activities into daily family routines. Families can create toys inexpensively, using recyclable items from home. In addition, parents will find the instructions for preparing each daily activity easy to follow. `With a variety of weekly activities, you'll encourage the development of these skills: Fine motor; Gross motor; Language/Communication; Sensory; Cognitive and Self-Help. 

Includes reproducible items 

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191 page spiralbound manual