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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -

Preschool and Primary Inventory of Phonological Awareness (PIPA)
Barbara Dodd, Sharon Crosbie, Beth McIntosh, Tania Teitzel and Anne Ozanne, 2000

Identify children at risk from literacy problems

Age Range:
3 to 6 years 11 months

Individual - 25 to 30 minutes 
(each subtest takes 4 to 5 minutes)


PIPA assesses the nature and extent of a child's phonological awareness development. Six subtests (three for young children) assess ability to detect, isolate, manipulate and convert sound units at the syllable, onset-rime and phoneme levels.

Features include:

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Complete kit: Includes examiner's manual, stimulus manual, record forms in bag
Additional copies of materials:
Examiner's manual
Record forms, pack of 25
Stimulus manual