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Process Assessment of the Learner™ (PAL™): Guides for Intervention
Virginia Wise Berninger, 1998

Create positive learning outcomes for 
students with reading and writing difficulties


Use proven intervention strategies to create positive learning outcomes for students with reading and writing difficulties with the Process Assessment of the Learner™ (PAL™): Guides for Intervention.

You can facilitate effective intervention plans targeted to the prevention of learning problems in early grades and remediation for students experiencing reading and/or writing problems in any grade. PAL Guides for Intervention provides a thoughtful, systematic approach for both the classroom and special educational settings. It is designed to utilise an integrative approach, grounded in research, to help school psychologists, special educators, teachers, and all members of multidisciplinary teams design effective IEPs.

It includes creative approaches and instructional resources for functional reading and writing systems in both individual or group settings. Plans can be tailored to the individual needs and resources of local schools. When used in conjunction with proper assessment tools, PAL Guides for Intervention helps bridge the gap between assessment and intervention. Components include:

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Complete kit: Includes manual, a classroom set of 10 talking letters student desk guides, talking letters teacher's guide and handwriting lessons