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Adult Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
Perception and Visuomotor Abilities

Rivermead Assessment of Somatosensory Performance (RASP)
Charlotte E Winward, Peter W Halligan and D

Assess somatosensory functioning after stroke
and other neurological disorders

Age Range:
18 to 80 years

Individual - 25 to 30 minutes

The Rivermead Assessment of Somatosensory Performance (RASP) is a standardized test battery designed to provide therapists and doctors with a brief, quantifiable and reliable assessment of somatosensory functioning after stroke and other neurological disorders such as MS and head injury. 
Somatosensory loss has been found in over 60 per cent of stroke patients and has been shown to have a significant influence on stroke rehabilitation outcome. Winward et al, 1999 showed that testing was considered to be clinically significant and that it frequently formed part of the routine assessment of stroke patients. Over 80 per cent of therapists routinely performed somatosensory assessment as part of their clinical assessment after stroke. These therapists also considered that objective measures are important for planning treatment and providing information about rehabilitation prognosis. 

The RASP consists of seven subtests covering a wide and representative range of clinical assessments considered important for somatosensory assessment. Despite covering a wide range of body areas and sensory tests, the battery is short, easy to administer, and simple to score. The tests are divided into primary (surface pressure touch, surface localisation, temperature discrimination, proprioception, sharp/dull discrimination), and secondary tests (extinction and two-point discrimination). 

Unlike previous attempts to quantify somatosensory performance, the RASP offers clinician-friendly standardised instruments capable of providing accurate, reliable and comprehensive measures of different somatosensory functions.

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Complete kit: Includes manual, 25 scoring sheets, reference card, 2 aesthesiometeres/neurometers, 2 neurotemps, two-point discriminator/neurodisk and 30 neurotips
Additional copies of materials:
Scoring sheets, pack of 50